Modify Programs

View the list of all program

To modify the program details, simply navigate to the list of all the courses you have added to your Learning Experience Platform (LXP) instance.

Regardless of the status of the programs, whether they are in 'Draft' or 'Published', you can still make changes to their details. Search for the specific course you want to modify by using the 'Filter' search box, and click on the 'Actions' dropdown menu corresponding to the program.

From there, you will have the option to edit the program details according to your requirements.

For Illustration: We'll try to modify details of the program we just created called "Personality Development Program"

Update program information

When you click on 'Edit' against the desired program, a form appears with the existing details pre-populated, you can now make the necessary updates or modifications to the program information.

Once you have made the desired changes, simply click on the 'Update Program' button to save and apply the modifications.

For Illustration: Let's say we want to update the description about the program, and convey to the students how they can additionally benefit, we've added some more text.. (In the example for ease of reference we have highlighted the updated information with a yellow marker)

You can also modify the status of the program, this is useful if you wish to 'Unpublish' a program.

DELETE Option: Once you have published a program or training program and conducted training batches, deleting the programs is not possible. Deleting a program after it has been delivered would impact your usage statistics for billing purposes, as well as the associated analytics and reports tied to the program. Therefore, program deletion is only an option if no training batches have been conducted for that specific program.

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