Add / Modify Learners

Add a New Learner

Skolarli allows an Admin to add as many learners (as mentioned in your package / plan) as need to your Skolarli instance.

The on-boarding process is a simple process and needs the Admin to fill in information in a simple on-boarding form.

You can reach the form by navigating on the left menu to "Learners => Enroll Learner" and filling in the form completely.

Once the form details have been saved successfully, the student will receive an email requesting them to verify their account. The process is the same as verifying the account of the Trainer or the Admin

For Illustration: Let's say we have added a new student named "Marshall Mosby", he should receive an email to verify his account, once verified "Marshall" will have access to all the courses he has been enroled to and the course materials as well. Also, let's go ahead and enrol Marshall to the batch "Beginners batch for Personality Dev"

Learner Base

You can view the list of all the trainers you have on-boarded in your instance, by navigating to the link "Learners => Learner Base"

You can also filter by the students who have verified their account and not verified.

Reset Password for Learner

Admin has the privilege to reset the password for the trainers. This can be done by clicking on the option 'Actions => Reset Password' against the corresponding trainer's name.

An email with link to reset the password will be emailed to the Learner.

Resend Verification Email

Quite similar to how Admin can reset password, the admin can also Resend Verification email to the Trainer in case they missed verifying their account the first time.

The option to resend verification email is available by clicking on the option 'Actions => Resend Verification email' against the corresponding trainer's name.

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