Session Plans

Creating a session plan

After successfully creating a schedule for the 'Beginners Batch For Personality Development', we can proceed to define session training plans for each of the training session.

These plans, accompanied by their titles and any necessary instructions, will be accessible to the Admins, trainers and students on their dashboard.

You should be able to add session plans, by navigating to (Training Batches => All Batches), selecting the option called 'Schedule Batch" and clicking on the corresponding session marker on the calendar.

For Illustration: Going back to the 1st single day session that we had created, where we planned to conduct an introduction session on August 1st, 2023. Let's open up the session plan for that day and add the relevant information.

You can title your training session plan, you can share instructions to your students, you could modify the date and time if needed (Only for future dates that is, you will not be able to edit any information for past dates)

You could even share the meeting link, so that it's easier for students to find the meeting link and join the session instantly.

Modify the session plan

Similar to how you create a session plan, you can also modify the session plan, you could change the title, you could add additional instructions or even re-schedule the session for a later date or time, you also have an option to notify about the change to all the students by sending an email notification, you can do this by checking the toggle button 'Notify learners by email'.

Delete the session plan

On occasions where you wish to cancel a training session for any reason, you could pull up the scheduler and click on the 'Delete' button to cancel the training schedule.

Please note, you can only delete or cancel future training sessions and not the ones which have already completed.

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