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What are Batches?

Batches in Skolarli are groups of participants who undergo training together as a team. These batches can vary in size and may consist of individuals with similar learning objectives or roles and responsibilities. By organizing participants into batches, Skolarli enables a structured and collaborative learning experience, allowing participants to progress through the training program together and engage in group-based activities and discussions.

Skolarli empowers trainers by providing them with the capability to create multiple batches for a training program and schedule them as per their requirements. This feature allows trainers to efficiently manage and deliver training to different groups of participants at different times. Trainers can set up batch-specific schedules, track progress, and provide tailored guidance and support to each batch of learners, ensuring a customized and effective training experience for all participants.

Create a Training Batch

To create a training batch, you need to navigate to the 'Training Batches => Create a Batch' and fill in the information in the presented form.

For illustration: Let's create a new training batch for the course called 'Personality Development' we created earlier, and let's name this batch as "Beginners Batch For Personality Dev"

If the program is open to all learners, you have the option to specify the maximum number of enrolments allowed for a particular batch. Once the maximum number of enrolments is reached, the batch will automatically close for further enrolments. However, it's important to note that your organization's Skolarli instance admin can still enrol students to the batch.

Modify Training Batch

After creating a training batch, you have the flexibility to modify its details as needed. You can make various modifications such as rescheduling the batch training dates, adding more information about the batch, adjusting the enrolment capacity, and much more. This allows you to adapt and refine the batch details to meet changing requirements or accommodate any updates or changes that may arise. Skolarli empowers you with the ability to efficiently manage and customize your training batches according to your specific needs.

For Illustration: For the batch we previously created 'Beginner batch for Personality Dev' , we have modified the enrolment capacity to 45 from its previous value of 30.

UPDATE: Jan 2024 - Now, you can add upto 3 instructors to a single batch

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