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What are Programs?

Programs is how 'Skolarli' defines and categorises training programs on a topic or training programs, intended to be delivered to learners.

Each Program can have multiple Chapters / Topics, and each Chapters/Topic can have multiple Lessons/Sub-Topic as well, they are called Program curriculum. We'll cover curriculum in detail under 'Program Contents'. If you need to skip the rest of the portion and dive right into program curriculum, click here

How to Create a Program ?

To create a new program you can use the navigation menu on the left side of your Skolari application, upon clicking the link called 'Programs => Create New', you'd be presented with a brief form to enter details about the program you wish to offer.

For illustration: Let's say we are creating a training program on "Personality Development", then below is an example of how we'd enter the information for the program.

The fields and the information the form captures are self-explanatory and available on the form. In addition to the details on the form. Additionally, you have the option to enhance the presentation of your program by adding a cover image. Remember the saying "A picture speaks a thousand words"😄

What happens once a program is created?

Upon successfully creating a program, it will initially stay in the 'Draft' stage. This means that only Skolarli instance administrators within your organisation can view the program on the dashboard. In order for the program to become accessible to learners and the wider audience, you must publish it.

You have the flexibility to continue making edits and adding additional content to the program as needed or until you are satisfied with the program contents. Once you feel the program is fully prepared, you can proceed to publish it, making it available for learners to access.

Pro Tip: Opt for program titles that are concise, engaging, and easily understandable.

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